The Entire Facility

When assessing the potential for energy cost savings, Green Grupp OU (GG) addresses the entire facility. Many vendors focus on individual loads by offering expensive, single-area products that reduce energy usage in small components of the system. GG focuses on the entire facility, taking a more systematic approach that usually achieves greater energy cost savings and a faster return on investment.

In our comprehensive site survey, we use the data from many pieces of equipment to help asses the electrical loading in various building branch circuits. We take electrical measurements, perform infrared system inspections and gather information about the layout of the entire electrical system including the various electrical panels and transformers. All of this information is compiled and analyzed when developing a custom GG system.

Less Heat, More Savings

Facility electrical systems are composed of many individual bits and pieces – wires, bus bars, switches, circuit breakers, motor starters, transformers, nuts and bolts, screws and washers, plugs, receptacles and many, many more. These components work together to conduct the electrical current demanded by the many electrical loads in the building. 

Inefficiencies in electrical systems cause these components to emit wasteful (and sometimes harmful) heat. This type of waste can comprise 5% to 30% of the total facility electricity demand. Old, poorly designed or extremely complex electrical systems may show heating losses of more than 30%.

GG uses the information gathered during its comprehensive survey to determine how much energy is being lost as wasteful heat. By installing equipment that virtually eliminates these inefficiencies, we are able to greatly reduce wasted energy.

Power Quality

Many facilities experience poor power quality due to distorted electrical current, often referred to as harmonics. Harmonic current is made up of current drawn at frequencies well above the frequency of the utility electrical supply. Poor power quality can result in higher costs and can have potentially damaging effects on a facility’s equipment.   

It is often the newest equipment in a facility that is responsible for this harmonic current. Notorious creators of harmonic current include computers, UPS systems, office equipment, programmable logic controllers, variable frequency AC motor drives, DC motor drives, rectifiers and arcing and induction heating systems. Sometimes, the very equipment that is purchased to reduce energy costs can increase the harmonic current in a facility.

GG has a suite of products ranging from passive filters to active harmonics correction devices that detect and correct harmonics.


Electrical System Work

In some cases, our electricians may find electrical system issues such as unbalanced voltages and loose connections in a facility. These can also contribute to system inefficiencies. Our electricians can often perform corrective actions if requested by the customer, which will lead to more energy costs savings and help prevent electrical system problems.

All EASI equipment GG installs in your facility is backed by EASI  Three Year Warranty.